Sunday, November 7, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...

In my attempt to think of something to post about today this song popped into my head. :) So today I'm going to be sharing a few things that I LOVE and hope to own someday...

I'd LOVE to do a makeover in my bedroom one of these days. These are just a few things I wish I could include...

I've recently developed a love of metal bed frames, brushed silver is my favorite finish. I love the simplicity of this one.
Caldwell Bed from Pottery Barn

I'm not wild about the posts, I think they should be cylindrical with rounded knobs on top, more like the frame above. But I ADORE that beautiful scroll work!
Avery Bed from Pottery Barn

 Another pretty, but simple design. Lovely!!
Savannah Bed and Headboard from Pottery Barn

 Also very cool is the current trend of fabric covered headboards. This one has a lovely shape. :)
Riley Headboard and Slipcover from Pottery Barn

but if I were picking out some new bedding I would want something more like this:

I love this one, though I'd skip the 'cheetah' looking print and accent with a mustard-y yellow something! :) I'm totally stuck on gray lately, and I really like how it looks paired with a bright color like yellow or orange for a nice bright POP!
Garden Nights Comforter Set by Bed Bath and Beyond

yep, more gray. Though the big petals could be seen as a little more on the childish side, I love the simplicity and the clean lines of this one! and those little bits of lime green... FABULOUS!
Echo Design Fan Floral Comforter Set from Bed Bath and Beyond

I'm always back and forth about red. I think it just needs to be the perfect shade of red. I definitely like this red paired with the taupe and cream, and those little clovers... SO cute!
DKNY City Clover Mini Comforter Set from Bed Bath and Beyond

now this is what I'm talking about! how fantastic does the yellow look with the gray here?! I could go either way with the inclusion of the turquoise but I think it works. and I seriously ADORE that bold graphic pattern.
Kas Maysun Mini Comforter Set from Bed Bath and Beyond

of course then we need a few accent pieces...

cute bedside tables!
Charlotte Bedside Table from Pottery Barn

and how fun is this mirrored nightstand?! 
Park Mirrored Bedside Table from Pottery Barn

a little light to read by...
oh I love EVERYTHING about this lamp. the simple base, that GORGEOUS shade!!! I even love those little orange flowers next to it, I want those too! ;)
Briana Glass Table Lamp Base from Pottery Barn

apparently I have a thing for clear lamp bases because I love this one too! Super fun design!
Stacked Crystal Table & Bedside Lamp Base from Pottery Barn

 AND something not so clear... I also happen to love candlestick lamps. :) I like the silver one here and I think it would be just lovely with the lamp shade from the first lamp above!
Gillian Candlestick Bedside Lamp Base from Pottery Barn

I could probably go on for days! If only the cash flow was limitless! ;)

Today's gratitude: I am thankful for lazy Sunday afternoons! The kids and I are camped out, still in pjs, and watching a few movies (while I sew). I don't think there could be anything better!

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