Monday, November 8, 2010

Sock Monsters anyone?

So my HOPE is to be able to get caught up on Lens Pet orders this month and get some sock monsters made and listed in my shop. I do custom orders for them every so often but not everyone realizes that. Not to mention that I have amassed a HUGE sock collection over the last 5 or 6 months and I'm just itching to start using them! SO I'm trying to make up a list of sock monsters and I thought I would ask for some input from the masses... Here are the animals I've done for custom orders thus far (following any of these links will take you to my Flickr page. I've made a few different colors/styles of some of the animals below and you can see them all on Flickr if you are so inclined)

The monster with the hat is one of my faves so I'll definitely be making multiples of that one. I also have a few custom requests coming up... for a cow, a tiger, a turtle, and an elf, plus a helicopter but I think that one will end up being made from fleece and not socks. I'm sure I'll make some of the others again as well. But I want something new to add to the menagerie. My brainstorm list...

bumble bee

Is there anything else you might like to see???Anything here that I haven't thought of that might translate well into SOCK form?! :) Definitely let me know! And if anyone wants to order a custom sock monster for Christmas now is the time to do it!!! You can leave a note here in the comments or visit my shop, I've set up a listing that has all the details you'll need to place an order. Make sure to read the ENTIRE description, then shoot me a message with your list of demands and I'll perform some sock magic just for you! ;)

Of course I can't leave a post without including some pictures, so I'm going to throw in some of my favorite sock monsters for your enjoyment. :)

a penguin I just finished a couple nights ago for a friend

one of my 'monsters with a hat'... LOVE this pink and navy sock :)

this dragon took FOR.EVER! but he was totally worth it, turned out so cool in the end!

a matching set for a little girl and her doll :)

the alien! I thought this sock was just perfect for him. I have a pink/navy star sock too and I'm dying to make a girly alien with it.

and last but not least, today's gratitude: I am SO very thankful for days like yesterday, when my oldest son (who is 15) cleaned his whole room, vacuuming and all, without being asked AND did his chores without needing to be reminded!!! He was in a good mood all day (not that he isn't normally a good kid, but those teenage mood swings are killer) and I LOVE it. Reminds me of the sweet little munchkin he used to be before hormones came into the picture! ;)