about me

With three rowdy boys, two crazy dogs and two fat lazy cats I can honestly say life is never boring!

my oldest son Cameron, a senior in high school

my middle son Connor, a sophomore in high school

my youngest son Carter, an eighth grader



Bellatrix (snuggling with his best buddy Carter)


I've always been a lover of arts and crafts, since as far back as I can remember. As a child I loved to draw anything and everything, from drawing I moved on to latch hook and cross stitch. After I became a parent, scrapbooking and cake decorating were my creative outlets of choice (both of which I still do). When I lost my job due to the economy late in 2009, I started selling off part of my crafty stash for the extra money while I tried to figure out what to do with myself.

Out of my natural love of all things crafty, one day I picked up a holey sock that my son had discarded while he was getting ready for school that morning. And something unexpected happened! I turned that holey sock into a cute (if kinda goofy looking) camo owl:

My son took that owl in to school to share with his class and over the next couple of weeks kids started bringing in their holey socks and asking Carter if his mom would make them a sock monster. After sharing with  my friends on Facebook I heard over and over again that people actually wanted to buy my creations.  And so MandeeFranee Designs was born. Shortly after I started making sock monsters for sale, I was surprised to win a big contest.

In May of 2010 I was named "Most Creative Mom" by Michaels through a contest that was run on their Facebook page. A friend entered my name into the contest and I never DREAMED I'd win... but low and behold, I DID! :)

Now I spend most of my days sewing and every single one of my Lens Pets and sock monsters is an absolute labor of love. :)