Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anniversary Week - WINNERS!!

More than 200 entries later and it's finally here!! What you've all been waiting for! The big announcement! Six chances to win... and EIGHT WINNERS! I won't keep you from reading on and finding out if you're one of the lucky ones. :)

  • Contest 1: refer your friends (Monday, May 23) - WINNER: Wendy Byrd
Congratulations Wendy, your referred the most new "likers"! Your prize is one standard size Lens Pet {$15 retail value}. The standard size pets fit well on most 50mm lenses and other lenses similar in size.  
  • Contest 2: suggest a new Lens Pet idea (Tuesday, May 24) - WINNER: Sarah
Congratulations Sarah!! There were so many great suggestions and it was hard for me to pick just one (I may use some more of everyones ideas in the future) but my sketch for the ALLIGATOR you suggested looks like it  will make a fun addition to the Lens Pet family. Your prize is one alligator Lens Pet in the size of your choice - mini, standard or large {$12-$22 retail value}
  • Contest 3: take a picture (Wednesday, May 25) - WINNER: Courtney
Congratulations Courtney! I loved your photo of George with his elephant friend! :) Your prize is a $20 store credit good for anything in my shop! {$20 retail value}
  • Contest 4: trivia (Thursday, May 26) - WINNER: Nichole Anderson
Congratulations Nichole! Your managed to find the most correct answers in my trivia game, a total of 18 out of 25! Your prize is a $35 store credit good for anything in my shop! {$35 retail value}
  • Contest 5: the name game (Friday, May 27) - WINNER: it's complicated...
So the object of this contest was to come up with a name for a new product line I'll be releasing this year. Unfortunately, of the many names suggested, none of them were quite right. BUT I was so inspired by your ideas that I finally thought of one of my own!! So instead of one winner getting the prize (which was to be 3 of this new product before its official release in my shop) I have chosen the top 3 people, whose suggestions inspired the name I eventually chose!! Each of these people will receive 1 new "PIP SQUEEK" before they are available for purchase on Etsy! Those 3 winners are: 
--Robyn (who suggested pocket pets)
--Arlyn (who suggested squeaker pets)
--Girlgonechild (who suggested peppy pets)

***GRAND PRIZE WINNER --- kjurasevich***
    Congratulations Katy!! You've won the big prize, a collection of Lens Pets from my shop worth $100!!

    TO ALL OF THE WINNERS: if I had contact info for you, I have contacted you! If you haven't heard from me yet, please send me an email  at for instructions on how to claim your prize!

    I want to thank every single person who played along with me this past week. I would not be where I am today without all of the wonderful customers I've had over the last year. I am beyond grateful. :) 

    and here's to another awesome year!!!