Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - day six

Today I'm sharing this GORGEOUS camera bag by XcessRize Designs. THIS is an awesome bag!

small camera purse

I see all those boring look alike black camera bags in the stores and wonder who would buy those when you could have something fabulous like this?! Why doesn't everyone shop on Etsy?! I LOVE the fabric used for this bag and the shape is so fantastic! Definitely unique. What photographer wouldn't LOVE this bag?! I know I would... are you listening Santa?? lol 

The shop has loads more fabric styles to choose from and a bunch of equally awesome and unique bag designs. That talented photographer that YOU know, she would LOVE to find this under the tree! So get to shopping, you don't have much time left!

Found em on Facebook, check it out ---> XcessRize Designs

Today's gratitude: today I am thankful for LONG WEEKENDS! YAY! My kids are off school for the next five days and we're heading to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, my sister and my 5 nieces/nephew. Good times will be had, much food will be eaten! ;) Hope everyone else has a great Thanksgiving!!

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