Thursday, November 25, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - day seven

Today's super fun find is this adorable necklace by Heather Kent.

hip polaroid camera hand painted necklace

I cannot believe those cute little cameras are hand painted!!  How cool would is it to be able to wear an original work of art around your neck?!? That's not something that many people can boast! This is from the artists description: 

Original hand painted watercolor masterpiece necklaces by Heather Kent to adorn your body! Are you sick of being kicked out of art museums for drooling on the paintings? Become a walking work of art: Each pendant is a unique, signed watercolor painting, sealed with a clear protective resin(drool all you like!).

LOVE! :) Become a walking work of art... or turn your photographer friend into one by making this a gift. ;)

Today's gratitude: today I am thankful for too much food, eight loud kids, and the fact that I live close enough to my family so that we're able to spend almost every holiday together.

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