Tuesday, November 23, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - day five

Today's find is a super cool piece of art by the Joni James Gallery, called a calligram.

I ADORE this! I think it would make a fantastic gift for anyone who loves to take pictures, amateur or professional. I love the different font sizes and widths and how clever is it that things like hotshoe, lens, strap, shutter release button, etc are all written in the actual place they would be on the camera!! SOO cool!! They offer prints with or without a photo mat and in two different size options. Of course they have loads more designs (though I'm partial to the camera). This is DEFINITELY on my must have list. I love it!

In addition to the shop you can find Joni online here ------> artbyjonijames.blogspot.com/
and on Facebook here -----------------------------------> www.facebook.com/Art-by-Joni-James

Today's Gratitude: today I am thankful for MUSIC! The American Music Awards were on the night before last and they were so great! I got to see two of my VERY favorite artists on stage - Enrique Iglesias (OMG HE IS SO HOT! That accent just makes me weak in the knees!) and NKOTB (technically they performed with the Back Street Boys - but who cares about them... NKOTB were SO FREAKING AWESOME ---I may *POSSIBLY* have let a few shrieks and squeals go during their performance, but I'm not officially  admitting to anything) ;) and a bunch of other great acts (I thought Pink! totally rocked, Usher was amazing as always, Ke$ha is pretty wacky but cool and while I love Train's music, the lead guy is WAY too old to be wearing SEQUIN SKINNY JEANS, what is up with that!?!). The kids stayed up late and we watched the awards together, everyone collectively sighing when Justin Beiber won again and again even beating out Usher and Eminem! (and I laugh because, back in my day... that was NKOTB, snatching up all the awards). 

At any rate, it was a good time, watching with the boys and the music was great. :) LOVE


  1. Mandee,
    Thanks so much for all this lovely attention!!
    Send me your address and I'll give you a free print!
    Feel free to contact me through etsy or I believe my e-mail address is available in my blogger profile.

    Thanks again!!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. I totally am loving this print!! Art making other Art Very Cool!

    And You aren't the only one that might have let out a little shriek with the NKOTB ;)
    I might have actually stood a little closer to the tv at one point during their performance haha!
    Thanks for sharing all these awesome Etsy Finds!