Monday, November 22, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - day four

Today's find is a total luxury that I haven't splurged on ONLY because I don't have a big heavy DSLR camera (boy does this make me wish I did!). But I know A LOT of people who do and Sew Tamz has the perfect accessory for those of you who do!

This shop has a huge variety of strap covers, most of them with that amazing, luxurious minky fabric on one side. I LOVE minky, it's just so incredibly soft! This red damask strap cover is SO beautiful, but she has loads more to choose from if this isn't your style. You can have a little pocket added to hold your lens cap and you can even get an initial embroidered on it. Huge bonus: most (possibly all, I didn't read every listing description) are machine washable! THIS would make a fantastic gift for the photographer on your list this year (even if that photographer is yourself)! ;)

Today's gratitude: I know it's totally cheesy... but I bought a new Christmas tree this year (because I HATED the old one... it was just too big and too heavy and SO hard for me to put up on my own every year) and let me just say, I am SOO thankful for the person who invented the pencil tree!!! I put it up yesterday and it was SOOO light and so easy to put up by myself! It takes up almost no space, I didn't even have to move a single piece of furniture to fit it into my tiny townhome living room. LOVE!

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