Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Favorite Finds!!

I know I'm super late with this today but I've been sick... and trying to keep up with orders... then my car started making this HORRENDOUS noise so I had to spend some time sitting at the shop today while it was being worked on. I'm here now though!!! Recently I've been surfing Etsy looking for art. Nothing huge or anything, just small prints that I can pin to the wall behind my computer so I have some lovely inspiring goodies to look at instead of a white wall. :) AND as many of you know I LOVE stuffed animals and small cute things that I can keep on my desk and admire while I work. Both of these things inspired my finds for this week. First off we have some super cute desk sitters (at least for me... maybe you want them for your bookshelf or the dresser or just to play with)! ;)

  • The Jaunty Gnome (adorable little felted gnomes that I am completely in love with)
I am completely in awe of those who needle felt. I truthfully have little idea about how it's actually done but I do know it takes lots and lots and lots of pokes with a needle to make a single piece. These tiny gnomes and other little bits and pieces that go along with some of them are SO cute. I especially love the ones who are adorned with flowers! SUPER CUTE stuff!! A couple of my faves...

I definitely need one (or more) of these little guys for my desk. ;) 

You can find The Jaunty Gnome on Facebook here, go 'like' her!! She's going to be starting a "gnome of the month" giveaway soon but you can't win if you aren't a fan! ;)

New favorite find #2 is from one fantastical amazing artist...

When I stumbled upon this shop I could not stop giggling! Of course that brought the kids running and after looking through all of the prints they each told me their faves (and asked if I would buy them some, lol). I am most definitely going to be adding a few of these to my cart very soon. Until then I am sharing just a couple of my favorites with you.

OMG my very favorite in the whole lot of em! Those bunnies are SOOO cute! I love that all the little 'popcorn'  pieces coming off the cob are bunnies and the crackly bits in their ears just like on the inside of the popped kernels. SOO creative and freaking adorable!! LOVE!!

ok, yes this lion cub has the most adorable face... but aside from the obvious cuteness, you can really see how talented the artist is in this one. That is one amazing drawing! The eyes are so expressive, the detail is just unbelievable! I wish I could see the originals in person!Fantastic!!

you seriously NEED to go see the rest of the animals in this collection!! They're just so wonderful! :) I couldn't find Rob on Facebook but I did track down his blog where you can see lots more of his wonderful work, so check it out.

And... that's it for today's rendition of 'Friday Favorite Finds'. See you next week with more super fun finds!

(Please Note: I have been in no way compensated for mentioning these shops. All statements are entirely my own opinion based on my personal tastes)


  1. Oh! Both shops are so great! The felt things are so adorable and the drawings are quite funny. I want one of each!
    Thanks so much for sharing them!

  2. The Jaunty Gnomes are soooo cute, it's a great gift idea! Oh my gosh, I have to show this to my sister.