Sunday, October 10, 2010

Erwin's Apple Orchard

I realized yesterday that I missed doing Friday Finds AND CIC Saturday this past week.... I've just been really focused on trying to catch up with orders and knock down my current wait time. In addition to that I try to spend some time with my boys every once in a while so they don't forget who I am. :)  Yesterday we made our annual trip to the apple orchard. My oldest decided he didn't want to go this year so it was just me and the younger two. Unfortunately the apple harvest was all but destroyed this year due to the frost and freeze back in the Spring. There were only TWO kinds of apples left to pick (both red, not my favorite. bummer) and there were about a gazillion trees with NO apples at all on them! It was so sad. :( BUT even with all of that, the day was GORGEOUS and we still left with a huge bag full of apples... plus cider and donuts and I even sprung for caramel apples this year! ;)

I actually didn't take very many pictures at all because I was too busy picking apples myself, but here are a few that I did get.

hmm... think my kids know Mom likes Twilight?? ;) completely unprompted, Connor was all... "MOM! You have to take a picture of this!" lol


I have NO idea what's up with Carter's crazy eyes... but he was giving them to me all day

yeah, um... I really don't know. It was demanded that I photograph this

talented kid, eh?!

as we were leaving the sun was setting and it looked AMAZING! the sun rays coming up from behind the clouds were shooting off in every direction! (even though you can only see a little here) this doesn't even begin to show how awesome it looked but it was the best I could get because the damn wagon was bouncing all over the place!

the end... :)

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  1. Hahaha your kid is hilarious! And indeed quite talented, holding those many apples (especially in his mouth!)