Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Lens Pet designs!!!

I haven't added any new designs to the shop in quite a while. There's no shortage of ideas, only time (which is also why my poor blog has been so neglected)! I've been so busy working on orders (still am) that I haven't had a second to think about anything else. I was right on the brink of my 6-8 week wait time but I'm working my tail off to be caught up by the end of the month. I have a craft show to do in December and I need to spend the entire month of November working on stuff to take with me. Of course it will also be GREAT to be able to make and ship orders within a week or less instead of the 6-8 weeks that it has been for a while now. SO that's my goal! 

Not being behind on my wait times apparently freed up a little creative space in my brain though because over the last week I've put together a number of new Lens Pet designs! :) Not only am I sharing sneak peeks of the *COMING SOON* 'Chilly' holiday line on my FB page, I've also added these cute critters to the shop...




and just in case you haven't made it over to Facebook in the last week, here are the sneak peeks I've shared there, all part of the 'Chilly' Collection. ;)

I'd like to introduce you to Polly!! Polly is a polar bear. She likes sushi, playing video games and long walks on the beach at sunset. ;)  (p.s. those spots on her nose are evenly spaced, but the photo was taken at a slight angle so it looks like her snout is kinda chopped off on one side. rest assured, it is even!) ;)

Not quite Santa's reindeer - meet Rudolph's second cousin twice removed... this is Randolph! ;) He's also got a few brothers and sisters, you'll be seeing them soon. ;) They applied for the job of flying Santa's sleigh last year but were, unfortunately, rejected. Now they mostly hang out at the mall and the roller rink (roller skating is HUGE in the reindeer community, they're super good at it... you know, having four feet and all) :)

Meet Ginger! ;) Her boyfriend Jake will be joining her and the rest of their 'chilly' friends in my shop very soon!

this is Kris Moose! ;) He's best friends with Randolph and the other reindeer, they like to play Life and Monopoly and other reindeer games together. Kris always wins. Maybe it's those big antlers!

This is Frankie! (it just so happens he's related to another well known snowman you may have heard of) ;)

tomorrow will be sneak #6 and they'll continue through the next week. The new collection will be up in the shop and ready for shipping November 1st!

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