Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tweets and giveaways!

In celebration of hitting the 500 'likers' mark on FB I've decided to do a giveaway. I'm still working out all the kinks since I've never done this before but I think (hope) it will be great!!! I'll be incorporating this blog, Facebook AND Twitter so keep an eye out for all the details coming soon! 

and in other news... I've finally started a Twitter account. I held off for a while thinking I didn't really need one since I already have the blog and the FB account... but I caved to the pressure. So I can now officially add TWEET to my list of things to do every day. ;) I would love to see some more followers over there so if you're on Twitter please come join me! :)

I'm still sewing away like a madwoman, starting to finally make a dent. I've even managed to introduce a few new Lens Pets™ to my shop recently (thanks to some special requests and customers who've asked to be surprised)!

a cow (which I've done in standard and large size in the last few days and I love it either way)

a giraffe (might change his snout... it's hard to make that long snout that so many animals have with a flat piece of felt. even still, I think he's pretty cute)

a jellyfish (can't wait to make him in a bunch of other color combos!)

I still have a LOOOOOOOONG list of Lens Pets I'd like to make, including some special holiday ones!!! Halloween Lens Pets will debut VERY SOON so you can order and still have them in time for taking pictures of your little trick or treaters. ;)

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  1. Adorable creations!!! Congrats on the 500+ on Facebook, and for the new Twitter account! Your blog is super cute!!! <3