Friday, July 16, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like... HALLOWEEN?!?

It is in my shop! ;) I've been working on some holiday Lens Pet designs and today the Halloween collection has debuted! With four new designs to choose from there's something for everyone!!! I know, you're thinking... Halloween stuff? IN JULY?! But because of the wait for my custom made Lens Pets, I wanted to make sure  that people could order and have them in PLENTY of time for capturing all those adorable little trick or treaters on film. ;)

So, take your pick... are you a BAT lover??? (I sure am, I'm tempted to use this cutie year round)

or are mummies more your style??

how about the wicked witch... wart and all?!

or are you more of a classic horror fan... as in, night of the living dead?! (or Michael Jackson's THRILLER) Well, if you are you'll want the zombie then! My favorite of the four, he comes complete with teeth for chomping brains, a little bit of blood spillage (eating brains can be a messy meal), exposed brain matter and a scar from where the other zombies once tried to eat him. ;)

The spider is also included in this holiday collection and my kitty cat is available in a spooky black version! :) As always, if you have any other Halloween-y ideas please let me know, I'm happy to give every idea a chance at being in Lens Pet form. ;)

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  1. OMG these are so cute!! Love the witch and the drooling monster :) You have suchb brilliant ideas!