Sunday, July 4, 2010

a short break from sewing...

I took the boys to see some fireworks last night (not sure why they did them on the 3rd instead of the 4th). After living here in Michigan for 5 years this was our first time seeing a fireworks show here! For the last few summers they've been in Colorado over the 4th of July with my ex in laws and before that we were in Ohio celebrating with my sister and her kids. But this year they were home and we weren't going anywhere so I looked up the nearest display (you can seriously find EVERYTHING on the internet) and off we went. The boys bickered and fought pretty much the entire time (there must be something in the air the last couple weeks) but the show was good. Here are a few of my favorite shots... (the colors look much nicer when you click the image and see it in the larger size)

this one reminds me of a flower. so pretty!

and even though this one might not be the most exciting or colorful shot... I love that it looks like a dandelion! :)

Back to the sewing table now...

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  1. Wow, amazing photos! Mine always come out blurry. Well done and I hope you had a great time!