Friday, May 27, 2011

Anniversary Week - Contest 5

Welcome to the 5th and final contest of the week! I hope every has had fun playing games this week. Don't forget ALL of the contests are open until Sunday at midnight so you have until then to get your referrals/answers/suggestions/photos in! :) Now, on to today's contest! What's in a name you ask?? Well, pretty much everything!

Today you're going to get a sneak peek at one of the new products that I will be debuting in the next few months! I have the idea, the designs, the supplies... the only thing I'm still lacking is THE NAME {obviously a pretty important part of the deal}! And that's where you come in! I have thought and brainstormed and made lists and crumpled them up. I cannot come up with a name that I think "fits" this little guy and his soon to be friends. Here is a picture of the first prototype {who shall be referred to from here forward as "the new guy"}:

Let me tell you a little bit about "the new guy" and his buddies. This line will have a variety of critters and creatures, the designs of which will of course be similar in style to my Lens Pet designs. They'll be made from fleece, fabric and felt, hand and machine sewn. Each is a perfect fit in the palm of your hand and has a squeaker inside. Making it the perfect little addition to any photographer or mommy's bag. :)  {button eyes can be replaced with felt to make "the new guy" more baby/pet friendly upon request}

Now, for the naming part of the game. I would like something that goes well with or is similar to 'Lens Pets'. But I'm not completely set on that. If someone comes up with a great name that is in no way related to 'Lens Pets' then that rule goes right out the window. Which makes the rules pretty simple and straight forward... come up with an awesome name, and post it here in the comments section! :)

  1. You're welcome to submit as many names as you can come up with, but one name suggestion per post please.

THE DEADLINE: This contest will be open all weekend to give everyone ample time to get all their entries in. :) On Sunday May 29 at midnight this post will be locked.

Winner will be announced in a blog post on Tuesday May 31.

THE PRIZE: THREE different "new guys" in advance of their release in my shop! {$45 retail value}
*prize will be new, not this prototype

As always, feel free to email me if you have any questions -

and don't forget your chance at getting some bonus entries for that big grand prize...

In addition to the daily games and contests there are a couple bonuses that can get you a little closer to winning that big grand prize at the end.

  • Each sale from 12:01 am on May 23rd until 11:59 pm on May 29th will earn bonus entries into the drawing for the grand prize. Every Lens Pet or sock monster purchased gets you TEN extra entries. Order two Lens Pets, you'll get twenty entries, three gets thirty... and so on. 
  • Each person YOU refer that places an order gets you another 5 entries towards the big prize (plus of course, they earn entries for ordering)! Make sure your friends add your name in the notes section when they place their order so I know to give you credit.

Thank you so much for playing along all week! :) See you on Tuesday with the list of lucky winners!!!


  1. <3 Ziggy Pets <3
    just because the zig zag stitch is my favorite :)

  2. Attention Critter (instead of Attention Getter)