Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anniversary Week - Contest 4

Welcome to day four! :) Today the contest is more of a trivia/scavenger hunt type game! So I hope lots of you will participate. Some of the answers may be a bit harder to find than others, but they're all there if you're willing to do a little digging. You can find the answers you need in the following places:


1. On what date did I list my very first Lens Pet on Etsy?

2. On what date did I share pictures from my first craft show?

3. What did I say in my very first status update on FB?

4. Name 3 of the weekly features I've run here on my blog in the past year

5. What are the names of all of the holiday Lens Pet collections I released in 2010?

6. How many sizes of Lens Pets do I offer? Sock monsters?

7. What is my best selling Lens Pet design?

8. What is my favorite number?

9. When did I host my very first giveaway?

10. What are the names of the bees in the OddSox fairytale that I wrote?

11.What was the title of my very first blog post?

12. Approximately how many Lens Pet orders did I receive in my first week on Etsy?

13.How many tattoos do I have?

14. Name something I am afraid of

15. What is my middle name?

16. How many photo albums do I have total between FB and Flickr?

17. Name one of my favorite Etsy shops

18. How many different Lens Pet designs have I created (NOT counting different colors of a single design)?

19. How many different sock monsters have I made (NOT counting multiples of the same animal)?

20. What did I do for work before opening my Etsy shop?

21. What crafts did I love to do when I was a little girl?

22. How many kids do I have?

23. How many pets do I have?

24. I won a contest in May of 2010, who sponsored that contest and what was my 'title' as the grand prize winner?

25.What do I want to be when I grow up?

  1. One entry per person for this game.
  2. You must EMAIL me your list of answers. DO NOT post them here or others won't have to work as hard to find them! ;)
  3. Send your list of answers to me at with "day 4 trivia" as the subject
  4. The person with the most correct answers will win the contest.
  5. If there is a tie between two or more people, a random number generator will be used to choose a winner.

THE DEADLINE: This contest will be open throughout the weekend to give everyone ample time to get all their entries in. :) On Sunday May 29 at midnight this post will be locked.

Winner will be announced in a blog post on Tuesday May 31.

THE PRIZE: $35 credit towards the purchase of anything in my shop.

As always, feel free to email me if you have any questions -

Because today is the official one year anniversary of my very first Lens Pet sold on Etsy, for one day only I am offering 15% off every order placed from now until midnight tonight!! Just use code ONEYEAR15 when you check out. And don't forget, not only will you save $$ on your purchase but you'll also earn the bonus entries for your chance to win the GRAND PRIZE!! :) So if you were thinking about it, now's the time!!

In addition to the daily games and contests there are a couple bonuses that can get you a little closer to winning that big grand prize at the end.

  • Each sale from 12:01 am on May 23rd until 11:59 pm on May 29th will earn bonus entries into the drawing for the grand prize. Every Lens Pet or sock monster purchased gets you TEN extra entries. Order two Lens Pets, you'll get twenty entries, three gets thirty... and so on. 
  • Each person YOU refer that places an order gets you another 5 entries towards the big prize (plus of course, they earn entries for ordering)! Make sure your friends add your name in the notes section when they place their order so I know to give you credit.

Have fun!

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