Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter is not gone yet my friends!

I am one of those strange freaky people who LOVES Winter! It's my favorite season, by about a hundred million miles! #1 reason - VERY few bugs in Winter! I hate bugs. and in the cold snowy months they go away! I don't have to deal with them flying into my hair while I walk the dogs... or sneaking down from the light fixture above my desk and ending up no more than two centimeters away from my face! Both have happened... BOTH more than once. I HATE BUGS!! So I love Winter. I also love all that fluffy  beautiful white stuff. And before you say it's because I work from home and don't have to go out in it... I drive my son to and from school every single day, in addition to typical errands, and I really don't mind driving in it. While I do love other seasons as well (except Summer, UGH I hate the heat, and the BUGS!) I always dread the end of Winter, when all the pretty white snow gets all gross and dirty and then melts away. Eighteen days ago we had more than a foot of snow on the ground (I blogged about it here).

Two days ago I took the pictures for this new listing in my shop, where you can clearly see the snow was all but gone! :( Yesterday the only snow left on the ground were the quickly melting mountains (now nothing more than mole hills) left behind after they plowed the parking lot.

This is outside my front door today...

that's right... the snow IS BACK!!! And I couldn't be happier! ;)

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