Monday, February 21, 2011

Monster Monday

Monster Monday is back! And this week I was lucky enough to hook up with the creator of Hello Again Monsters! I love these unique vinyl plush and Santa brought me my very own little vinyl family for Christmas...

Screevish was in my favorites folder for a very long time before finally coming to live with me.

Of course he couldn't make the big trip through the mail all alone so he brought along Eaganormous for company.

Together they guard my bookshelf and they do a great job of it. No one has messed with my books since they arrived! :) Here are a couple favorites from the shop as well, the little scalloped cut outs are a new feature that I've just seen pop up recently and I LOVE IT!!!

I posted about this shop on my blog in October of last year (as a 'Favorite Find') and now Romiette, the creative genius behind Hello Again Monsters, was kind enough to take some time out of her monster making day to answer a few questions for us. Read on to find out what makes a monster maker tick!

-Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a monster making girl from Seattle, Washington. I have lived in Seattle all my life (minus one cold year I spent in Iceland). I often think about moving somewhere new but I'm just not sure where I would want to go. I work at Whole Foods Market to pay the bills, and hope to one day be able to make things for a living. I love cupcakes, gummy bears, and chocolate truffles. If I could live of of those for the rest of my life I would be happyhappyhappy!

-What is your shop name and is there a story behind it?
My shop name is HelloAgainMonsters. There's not really any story behind it. My friend (see question 3) and I went over lots of different names when we were making monsters together so I took my favorite one when we split to do our own things. Its kind of like my comeback... HELLO AGAIN!

-How did you get started making monsters?
Lots of years ago (5 or 6!?), I was dating a boy who was a graffiti artist. He had one character that he painted around the city. That Christmas I decided to turn his character into a plush thing for a Xmas gift. It turned out really good and we started making them together. We did a big group plush show at Snowboard Connection, but then he turned into a real jerk (ha!), and we went our separate ways. I really loved making plush so I decided to keep doing it on my own with my own designs and took on the moniker 'Hello Again'.

-What inspires and motivates you to create?
All kinds of things! Its almost difficult to pinpoint what it is really. I get inspired but the cupcakes I eat, by the people I know, and by the city I live in.

-If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
Only one!? Ummm... I think I would like to be able to be invisible.

-Top 5 favorite foods, tv shows, and bands?

Foods - Cupcakes, gummy bears, chocolate cake (those are all foods right!?), tacos from El Asadero (best taco bus in town!), and my moms cooking.
TV Shows - Thats tough because I don't really watch a lot of tv shows. I like the cooking channel and i love Anthony Bourdain (totally my old man crush!).
Bands - Wow this is hard. I don't like limiting myself to favorites! On current rotation: Baths, Eluvium, Little Dragon, Machine Drum, and I've just become insanely obsessed with witch house.

-3 etsy shops you just LOVE? Sooooooo cute! Also sooooooooooooooo CUTE! I want all of her jackets!

-One year from now, I hope... be debt free, and living the dream.

-Where can we find you on the internet?

In addition to sitting down for our interrogation, Hello Again Monsters has also agreed to give us a little sneak peek behind the scenes. Check it out!

Romiette's work station - where the monsters are born!

that's A LOT of monsters!!

I love that one with the furry face on the top left ;) and the pink one under it that has EYELASHES! lol

oh look! BABY monsters! :) I see mine in there!

I am having so much fun with Monster Mondays! Can't wait to share next week's monsters with everyone!

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