Friday, September 17, 2010

One AMAZING Artist!!

Because I completely forgot to do my Friday Finds post today I'm sharing this instead. While I was sitting down eating some dinner tonight I was surfing Craftgawker looking at some super cool stuff. Through a link to a blog called Ink & Vine Leaves I discovered this INCREDIBLE sculpture artist named Dalton Ghetti! Mr. Ghetti makes micro sculptures... on the tip of a pencil! YES! You read that right... A PENCIL! The same #2 required for filling in those little bubbles on tests in school! These are AMAZING, check it out...

the ENTIRE alphabet!

I can't decide if that saw or that teeny tiny hammer is my favorite

the detail is STUNNING! you can see the tiny 'holes' for the laces people!!

you've got mail! ;)

how unbelievable is this one?! how do you sculpt two hearts linked together like that?!?! WOW!

Tell me you are not picking your jaw up off the floor right now! I have never seen anything like this and I am just completely blown away by its absolute sheer awesome-ness! :)

So... have you seen anything amazing lately???

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