Saturday, September 11, 2010

CIC Saturday!

Another new weekly feature! This one will run in conjunction with some of  the other Crafting in Color team members on Etsy. Each Saturday I will choose a handful of some of my favorite goodies from other CIC team members. I decided I'm going to choose a different color to feature each week (because I'm OCD like that) and this week the items I'll be sharing  are bright, beautiful RED! AND since 3 is my very favorite number, I decided to make a collage with three rows of three. Besides I can share loads more of the fun stuff this way! ;) So here it is, the very first official CIC Saturday share!

Left to right, starting from the top left corner, here are the brilliant crafters that made all of these beautiful items...

(hint: if you click the shop name you can see everything each artist has for sale, if you click the item name it will take you directly to the item pictured here)

don't forget to check back next Saturday for another batch of colorful handmade goodies!!


  1. What fantastic reds! The lip gloss looks delicious!

  2. Love this!!!! Is this different from the CIC Color Wheel CIC? Does that use the same program? If so, it doesn't seem too hard... I think i'll try it on my blog too!

  3. ooh pretty red stuff - love it all. excited to see what you have next week.thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and for becoming my new blog follower - it's very appreciated. have a great week xxx