Monday, May 9, 2011

Something old, something new!

I've been working even harder than usual to get orders completed and shipped with the HOPE that I could catch up and stock my shop with ready to ship items instead of everything having to be custom made and with such a long wait. After weeks of literally, non-stop sewing, I can see the finish line!! I'm back IN FRONT of my wait time and chuggin' right along. I have a list of games and contests planned for the week after next to celebrate the one year anniversary of my first Lens Pet™ sold on Etsy. :) There are new things to come in the second half of this year and a glimpse of them can be found in the new Lens Pets™ introduced lately...

Persnickety the Parakeet is one of the new characters who recently joined the cast. I sketched and cut out the pieces for him months ago but just didn't have the time to put him together until recently.

Something old was updated and turned into something new. In my opinion, the updated version is a million times better. I had a standard size tiger in the shop awhile ago but decided I wasn't entirely thrilled with it so when I received an order for a large tiger I decided to give him a little facelift.

OLD (standard size)

NEW (large size)

I don't have the same orange scrunchie for the standard size, but I do have another shade of orange that will work and I will be adding a standard tiger with the new look back to the shop soon. :)

Two more Lens Pets™ recently received facelifts as well, the cow and the jellyfish...

and this unique ladybug joined her more recognizable friend in red and black...

In addition to these and of course the many (many, MANY) unchanged Lens Pets™ churning out of the MandeeFranee workshop these days, I've also had a few sock monster orders to complete...

a couple of brand new designs - the lion and the turtle

and another kitty cat

As you can see I've been a busy bee. :)  I'm off to take a walk with my youngest as the weather is GORGEOUS here today and I feel like I haven't been outside in a year! Stay tuned for details on the anniversary celebration and a couple of new products in the near future!!

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