Friday, February 11, 2011

the return of Friday Favorite Finds!!

Friday Finds is back and it's all new and improved! ;) In the past  for my Favorite Finds post I would choose one or two sellers on Etsy whose work as a whole I just adored, but I've decided there are SO many awesome things to share that I need to share more than just two a week. SO from now on, I will be sharing a handful of favorite things, each item from a different seller, every week! I may or may not have a theme each time, but for this first week back, I most definitely do! Lately I've been drawn to jewelry. I don't wear much, if any, unless I'm going out somewhere (which doesn't happen often as a single mom who works from home) but I seriously love some of the super fun rings I'm seeing on Etsy these days and find myself wanting to expand my very small collection! ;) Here are just a few of the rings from my favorites folder...

I just LOVE this ring. I love the cotton candy pink color against the dark metal band and that scallop edge all the way around the stone is just TO.DIE.FOR! SO cute!

I've been seeing these 3D acrylic laser cut rings all over the place. I don't know how comfortable they would be to wear but some of them are super cute. Like this set! I love all the tiny details - lightning and sunshine against the clouds. Adorable!

perfect for Valentine's Day! ;) I love the shape of this heart ring and that beautiful deep red color of the resin stone. pretty pretty! From the last picture in the listing it looks like it might sit a little crooked on the finger and I like that too! :)

how cool is this?!?! the word love is actually cut out of a book and then sealed in resin. I love this!! As a HUGE book worm myself I would love to have something like this. it's so unique! even better, you can special request other (short) words if you don't want it to say love... like READ or BOOK or BOYS (lol I have three of them) or CUTE or well, the list goes on. depending on who you're buying it for you could pick a word that means some special to both of you. I love it!! :)

GORGEOUS stone! I can just imagine how sparkly it must be in person. and I love how the band twists around instead of just the standard ring band. super fun! :)

I am 100% head over heels for this ring!! That fun stripey stone! *HEART* The scallop edge (again)! *GASP* Even better... click on the link, because one of the other pictures shows the ring from the back side where you can see the genius who made it cut a heart shape into the metal behind the stone. it's like a secret only you know about when you're wearing it! I have been eyeballing this ring for a while and though it's a bit of splurge for this single mom who really has no use for such pretty things, I seriously hope to set this one on my finger and call it mine some day! :)

Well, I think that's probably enough for this week. ;) Check in again next Friday to see more of my favorite Etsy goodies!

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