Friday, January 7, 2011

365 photos

This will be my third year of taking (at least) one photo every day. 2010 started out stellar... but when the sock monsters and Lens Pets took over, my camera had no choice but to take a backseat. This year I am re-commiting myself to taking at least one photo every day. Not only because I love the end result and having a record of the entire year (especially since I have no time for scrapbooking right now), but I really LOVE taking pictures and I miss it when I don't do it. So far so good as the first week of 2011 comes to a close, though I could have done without today's perfect opportunity for a photo of the day!

guardrail-1 / bumper-0

On my way to pick up my son from school this afternoon I had a minor collision which resulted in a big hole in my bumper. I was already slowing down since one of the cars ahead was stopped to turn left, so when the car right in front of me stopped to turn I wasn't going very fast at all (thank goodness). My tires suck though, so I braked... and kept going. I didn't want to slide into the car in front of me so I turned onto the shoulder and the guardrail stopped me :p Thankfully no one was hurt (I was the only one in the car), no other cars were involved and my headlight is intact! :) I was hoping to wait a while on new tires but even driving carefully I've been slipping and sliding whenever I drive in the snow. Next week I'll have another perfect photo opportunity when I go buy four new tires. ick

If anyone else is interested in trying 365 (POTD)  this year my FAVORITE site for keeping tracking of my pictures is Shuttercal! You can upload your photo and add some journaling about the day (or not if you don't want to). Then at the end of the year you can get the whole thing printed on these super cute cards that look very much like polaroids and all twelve months worth of photos fit into a little shoebox (included in the price). You can't beat it. You can also keep up with friend's calendars so if anyone joins (it's free! though there are perks to being a paid member) feel free to add me as a friend! Me ---->


  1. So glad you're okay after your accident! Shuttercal sounds really excited, as does the 365 POTD. I have such commitment issues, 365 photos in 365 days sounds so daunting to me! ;)

  2. but just think about it as ONE tiny little photo each day. :) Surely in 24 hours you can find time to take a single photo?! In 2010 MANY MANY times my photo was of whatever I was sewing that day! lol

  3. This is so awesome! I am doing the 365 and I think I will be joinging you on this site soon!

  4. cool I added you as a friend at Shuttercal :)
    This is my 3rd year of 365 too.
    The daily photos are easy. Finding time to blog them is not.