Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sock monster overload!!

You may have noticed that my poor blog has been completely neglected as of late. With Christmas quickly approaching I have been SUPER SWAMPED trying to get orders made and shipped out. The Lens Pets have had to make a little room on the desk as I've also been spending MANY hours making sock monsters! 

this was my favorite of all the recent sock monsters. I LOVE how cartoon-y his cute little face is! He even has hooves. ;) MOOOOOOOO!

MONKEYS! These have been crazy popular. I tried out two new designs for the ears. Which is your favorite? I love for the ears to be BIG! The goofy look it gives them just makes me giggle. ;)

some people might mistake him for a mouse with those big perfectly round ears! lol

I went just a *smidge* smaller and more oval as opposed to circle the second time, so we hopefully avoid the whole mouse issue. ;)

then there were the doggies...

this guy has a removable treasure map and pirate hat. :) I love how the hat turned out (completely pieced from felt) and the treasure map fabric that I found was just perfect!

there were a few small sock monsters

one of them with a very BIG expression ;)

a fun stripey kitty cat (and that turquoise blob looking thing behind his head is actually the end of his tail in a little curl)

while I've made lots of small penguins, this was my first big one!! I can totally picture this guy as part of a penguin bowling set, lol. maybe I'll make that for my shop in the new year, each penguin could have a number on his belly. ;)

check out the comparison in sizes...

last two... just a couple group shots of the monsters that went off to live together with their new families. :)

In the new year once I'm more caught up on Lens Pet orders I hope to start listing more sock monsters in my shop. :) I have plenty of socks and LOTS of ideas. All the monster sewing over the last couple weeks has really kicked my creativity into gear. Not to mention there will be VALENTINE designs coming soon (of the Lens Pet AND sock monster varieties)!

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