Sunday, December 5, 2010

Craft Show...

Yesterday I participated in my first craft show. It was interesting... a LONG day (especially for two of my boys who had to tag along). Though I didn't sell much, I did make enough to cover my costs plus a little profit so I suppose it was worth it. I definitely don't think it will become a regular occurrence. As I watched the people at the tables around me I wondered how they do it all the time! I'm sure not every show is the same but what I saw were a lot of people browsing, not many people buying. Some tables sat most of the day with very few people even stopping to look! 

As I am super swamped with orders I didn't have a ton of stuff to take, but here are some shots of my little table...

the Lens Pet side of the table looks a little bare, but oh well. I did end up adding a few more to the cake plate in front because I sat and sewed for the entire show. I think the four cameras there showing what their intended use was really helped because A LOT of people came by thinking they were for your hair. ;)

and the sock monster side... I found that little shelf at the thrift shop for $5... the night before the show I slapped a little paint on the front side edges and glued some scrapbook paper to the inside. Not bad for $5 and about 10 minutes. :) the little pots with monsters in them also came from the thrift shop, 99¢ each. kinda hard to tell in the pic but they each had a different little raised design on them :) I had no plan for their use when I bought them but I liked them so I got them anyway ;) the photo album was sort of like a catalog, had a bunch of pictures of sock monsters and lens pets. lots of people flipped through it, ooo-ing and ahh-ing :)

last but not least, the whole shebang! the flower bowl in the center also came from the thrift shop (99¢) and holds a handful of paper pinecone ornaments that I made LAST year. I found them when I was packing up for the show and thought I'd take em along just for the heck of it. I even sold one. lol I'm debating whether or not to list the rest in my shop now...

I listed everything that came home with me in the shop today as 'ready to ship' so hopefully a few people will be able to squeeze in some last minute gifts. ;)

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  1. I think I see my guy in there!! Ha! He and Sock Monkey are bonded now!