Thursday, November 18, 2010

pause for music

Tonight I had to take a break from sewing as my youngest son had his very first orchestra concert. :) He was so excited this afternoon that he just had to try on his whole outfit an hour before it was time to go. ;) I had to remind him that he didn't want to be going to the concert with pants covered in dog hair so he, reluctantly, took it off. He's in 6th grade this year and this is the first year they are able to play an instrument in the band or orchestra. Both of my older sons played the trumpet and french horn in the band so a string instrument is a completely new thing around here. :) As the kids came out and got set up the parents all ran out to snap some pictures. When I walked over and Carter saw me, this was his spontaneous reaction to the camera...


The orchestra did really well, I was surprised by how good they sounded in such a short time! After all, most of them have only just picked up an instrument for the first time mere weeks ago!! Kids are definitely little sponges. It helps that their teacher is really young (she barely looks older than the 6th graders!) and she looks like she really enjoys her job. Carter said she's a really fun teacher.:)

Now it's back to work for me... I have been trying to finish up a sock monster this week and I think tonight is the night. It should be super cute when I'm done and I can't wait to share.

Today's gratitude: I am VERY thankful that those first few days of living in the house with a child learning the violin pass quickly. ;) Before I knew it I could hear actual notes and songs coming out of the bedroom in place of that awful screeching noise that I first heard. ;)

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  1. My hubby said to tell him that he rocks!!! My hubby wants to learn to play the violin so badly.