Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall photos...

Today I went out with a couple friends to take some pictures for them for their Christmas cards. I *hope* we got some good shots, I know they looked great through the viewfinder. :) My kids were off school today so Connor and Carter tagged along (my oldest is in Indianapolis right now at Marching Band Nationals after they won FIRST place at the State competition a couple weeks ago) and managed to insert themselves in front of the camera a few times so I thought I'd share some of those shots. :) These were my favorites, they'd found this huge pile of leaves and buried themselves in it.

Shortly after we got home I was sitting at my desk sewing and I happened to look up and notice the sky. It looked kinda pink through the back door so I ran out with my camera and snapped a few pics like this one... Of course this doesn't even begin to show how beautiful it was. The pale blue against the pretty pink and the clouds making lines across it all (there were  a whole bunch of cloud lines behind those trees but they're kinda hard to see here). At any rate, it was incredibly cool! I love that we get to see such amazing sunrises/sunsets where we are! The only thing that could make it more perfect is if I could see  the view from the other side of those trees!

Today's gratitude: Mother Nature rocks my world! ;) The colors she paints with are always so beautiful and I'm so thankful I am able to capture even a tiny bit of it on camera.

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