Thursday, November 4, 2010

back to the beginning again...

This whole crazy business thing I've been doing for the last five months, it all started with a sock monster. In case you haven't read the story before here's the short version. My youngest son had a sock with a hole in it... instead of throwing it out I decided I'd try to turn it into some sort of little sock animal. It became an owl... he took it to school... kids started bringing in socks from home asking me to make them a monster... friends started asking if I could make a monster for them too... and here we are today!

I wouldn't be here without that (impossibly tiny) camouflage ankle sock and so many supportive friends. :)

I keep VERY busy making Lens Pets these days. I get requests for sock monsters every so often but I've had a very hard time finding the time to squeeze them in since they take hours to design and put together. I have a short list of sock monsters to get done in the next week or so and I finished two of them this past weekend. I forgot how much fun the sock monsters are to make! :) If I can get caught up on Lens Pet orders I fully intend to get some sock monsters made up to list in my shop in the next couple months. 

At any rate, I thought today I would share the two sock monsters that I have managed to finish! :)

first is a CARD SHARK! 

My good friend Misty is a poker player. When she asked me to make a sock monster for her I had a hard time coming up with a good idea... In the beginning I was just going to use a basic sock and embellish with the card suits cut from felt (heart, diamond, club, spade). Then she found this totally awesome pair of socks. As I was looking at them, still trying to come up with a decent idea, it hit me... a card shark! lol Corny I know, but it cracks me up. And so the card shark was born. He's got beans in his butt and with a little help from the big fin on his back he can sit up on his own. :)

Next up, one blue monkey. Nothing too out of the ordinary but I like how he came out. I love his big monkey ears. I made his tail out of fleece instead of felt like my last monkey, it's sooo soft. :)

just hangin' around

As for everyone else who is waiting on a sock monster (Gretchen, Melissa, Jen, Susan, Becky, Melissa, Ann, Aunt Eeny and Marci)... they're coming! And I certainly hope they'll be worth the wait!! :)

Last but not least... today I am thankful for IBUPROFEN! I know it's silly, but I went to bed early last night (midnight) because I could feel a headache starting. I woke up around 430am with a SPLITTING headache. I got up and took 3 ibuprofen then laid back down and though I never did fall back to sleep, by the time the boys got up for school at 630 my headache was gone. That means I will be able to get lots of sewing done today instead of wasting another day hiding from light and sound under the covers on the couch. :)


  1. Misty is going to love Mr. Card Shark! I love how you made him so he can sit up and watch the action at the poker table.

  2. Love your newest sock monster creations!!

  3. Only five months ago???? Wow, I am even more impressed than I was originally!

  4. Yay! He is so cute, I just need to think of a good name for him :)

  5. oh my! a card shark is PERFECT for Misty!!! can't wait to see my penguin!!