Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - day twelve

Today is my last '12 Days of Christmas' find. I hope you've enjoyed the feature... I think I might plan to do it again next year. I had a lot of fun searching for camera and photography related goodies (even picked up a few things for Santa to leave under the tree for me this year) In fact I think I may just have to launch similar features for a couple other holidays in the new year. :) But on to today's find... 

This adorable little case by CB Sew can  hold business cards, debit/credit cards and cash too!

Super cute little accessory perfect for anyone who likes to take pictures, whether they do it for a living or not. :) Toss it in your purse, stuff in a pocket or even keep it in your apron at a craft show. It's the perfect little size to fit just about anywhere! (and if the camera design doesn't float your boat she's got a million other designs... she's got a classic NES controller, one that looks like a cassette tape and an old school Gameboy, a calculator, a pop tart! SO many cool choices available!)

Today's gratitude: today I am thankful to be back home after a fun 5 day visit with family in Ohio. though there's still a car to be unpacked, laundry to be done and million other things to catch up on, it's always nice coming home again. :)


  1. You had me at calcuator! Those are so cute, I can't decide which one I need. I've found so many cool things through your blog. I bought my SIL one of those vinyl monsters for her birthday!

  2. that's so great to hear! I know people are reading, but I get so few comments I'm just never sure if I'm on the right track with things. :)