Sunday, November 28, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - day ten

I've shared two different sizes of camera strap over the last couple weeks, it's only fair that I also show two different sizes of camera bag as well! This adorable little case for your point and shoot is by Jack and Bee Designs.

SO many people these days have the super small pocket sizes cameras, but I know a lot of pro photographers like to keep a smaller camera on hand as well. Something they can just throw in the bag or keep in the car, something perfect for catching the every day memories without having to lug around a huge camera. And like it's bigger counterpart, sure they sell lots of basic point and shoot cases in the stores, but this is so much more unique. I love the image in the little window on the front of the pouch. Super cute little stocking stuffer, perfect for anyone that loves to take pictures.  

Today's gratitude:  today I am thankful for the flexibility in my life that allows me to bring my kids out of state for five fun days spent with family. They've been having a super time with their cousins the last few days, even my 15 year old who is the oldest of the bunch. He usually tends to hang out more with my dad or my sister's boyfriend, but last night he was playing games with his cousin and brother, and judging by the amount of laughter coming out of that room, it sounded like a  pretty good time. :) I am so glad that they're all so close and I hope that continues to be the case as they get older.

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