Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 things you might not know about me...

I started this list up after I was given a blog award by a very kind blogger (Cat over at Budget Blonde, thank you SO much) a couple weeks ago. I tried to come up with 10 blogs to pass the award on to but I just couldn't seem to find the time to track down links and emails and getting it all together (too much sewing to do). BUT I still love learning these kinds of things about other people, even if I don't know them all that well. Makes me feel like less of an oddball outcast! ;) So I thought I'd post my list anyways, even without the award.
  • I'm not a fan of sugar-y sweets. No cake, or cookies or candy (unless it's VERY SOUR, then I'll make an occasional exception... example: SOUR Nerds, we're having a love affair. ♥ It's serious. They are SUPER hard to find but I recently scored EIGHT boxes and I have them hidden from the children in the trunk of my car.) and I really don't like chocolate. I'd much prefer to munch on some fruit or raw veggies! or sour nerds...
    • The name I use for my Etsy shop and most website log-ins these days (MandeeFranee) comes from the combination of a childhood nickname that no one but family and old friends from school even uses anymore (Mandy) and my middle name (Francis). My ex-husband actually used to call me Mandy-Franny just to bug me. :p
      • I have 3 tattoos and a tongue piercing... and I'm probably one of the most straight laced, boring people you could ever meet. I would totally love to get a couple more tattoos someday and I'd like to eventually cover/change the one I have on the inside of my wrist.
      • I LOVE animals! ♥ I would have hundreds of dogs and bunnies and cats and guinea pigs and chinchillas and ferrets and even lizards and snakes and frogs... if I had the space. and if I could afford to have someone clean up all that poop. It's the only drawback.
        • I HATE bugs. I'm especially terrified of the flying, stinging kind. I tell my kids to stand still when a bee is nearby but I usually run squealing in the other direction. I know, bad mom. It's an uncontrollable impulse, I just can't stop myself.
          • I am abnormally frightened of natural bodies of water. In 9th grade I went to Hawaii with my dad and didn't do more than get my toes wet on the beach. In my head I know it's likely nothing will happen... but I just can't get past the fear that a shark or a jellyfish or something equally monstrous and terrifying will bite/sting/DEVOUR my feet. I refuse to go in lakes or oceans. I used to be okay with lakes... that's a more recent addition to the fear.
            • I absolutely have OCD, heavy on the obsessive side. If I get one item that has other coordinating items/pieces of a set... I NEED them all. In every available color. and size. and style. RIGHT NOW! And no matter that I know I don't REALLY need them, and that I totally HATE clutter, I can't stop until I have them all. Things like books, pens, stuffed animals, bookmarks, movies, trading cards, magnets, calendars, notepads, t-shirts... there's no rhyme or reason. If it catches my eye and it comes in multiple designs there is no way I will EVER be able to choose just one and be done with it. It's a real pain in the a$$.
              • I've always wanted to work in medicine... I have no desire to be a doctor or a nurse, but I think I might like to go back to school and become an EMT and ride around in an ambulance someday. Maybe when my kids are grown. :)
                • I am a movie fanatic! I love all kinds of movies, and even enjoy the not-so-great ones other people give bad reviews to because there's always enough entertainment value of some sort to keep my attention (even i f it's just in laughing at the terrible acting). But at the top of my favorites list are horror/thriller and romantic comedies. I can watch a movie I like over and over and over again. Long after everyone else is already bored with it. My kids hate that about me. Of course this ties into my OCD a bit, I have a pretty large movie collection and I never miss an opportunity to add to it ( is practically my best friend). And I keep them all in alphabetical order. My kids like to move them around just to drive me bonkers. :p
                  • I say 'dude', 'totally' and 'like' more often than a 34 year old mother of three probably should. I use too many emoticons when I "talk" online, I capitalize to emphasize A LOT and I completely abuse the ellipsis... and the exclamation point!! ;)
                    So what about you??? I'd love to learn more about my blog readers. Post a list like this about yourself on your own blog and then share the link here with me! :)

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