Tuesday, July 27, 2010

an Odd Sox fairytale

Once upon a time there was a princess. A buzzy little BEE princess to be exact. She was the cutest little bee you ever did see. With the most beautiful beaded wings, long stripey legs, big button eyes. Her name was Princess Bea. She was born in the kingdom of the Odd Sox, but she longed for adventure. The Queen bee was strict. Princess Bea was never allowed to leave the hive. So she sat in her chamber, staring out the window wistfully, and wishing she could see the world. 

She knew the Queen Bee would NEVER let her leave England, not in a million years, so Princess Bea devised a plan. As sneaky as a bee could be, she flew from the hive disguised as a worker bee. By covering her beautiful royal beaded wings with tissue paper she was able to blend in and sneak past the Queen's chamber without being noticed. After escaping from the hive, she hopped aboard a plane, hiding away amongst the boxes and packages and mail. Little did Princess Bea know, but that plane was heading to the United States!!

Upon arrival Princess Bea was astonished! She could never have imagined that the world outside of her hive could be so big and amazing! After buzzing around for what seemed like weeks, a kind family offered to take Princess Bea in. She was introduced to candy and television and the internet! She was quite happy with her new family. They were very friendly and treated Princess Bea like one of their own.

But eventually Princess Bea grew lonely. She longed for the other bees that she'd left in the hive back home. She missed her best friend and the little boy bee that she'd secretly had a crush on for years. Of course because Bea was a princess and he was nothing but a lowly worker bee, they were never permitted to socialize in the hive. But Bea used to watch him from her window as he was carrying the pollen back from the fields and dream about a day when they could be together. After sharing her hopes and dreams of true love with her new family Bea was thrilled to find that they wanted to help. 

Princess Bea and her new family were able to get in contact with a kind servant bee who worked for the Queen in Odd Sox manor. The servant helped to sneak Bea's one true love onto a plane, again disguised in tissue paper and hidden amongst the packages. When finally the day arrived Princess Bea was beside herself with joy! Baxter Bea was here!!! Now they could be together without worrying about royalty and rules.

and they lived Happily Ever After...

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  1. I love OddSox soooo much!
    I even have my very own Ditzy

  2. OMG - they are adorable! And I loved your story too!

  3. Odd Sox is an awesome dude. ;-)