Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's been a whirlwind few days! After Erin Cobb shared my Lens Pets on her "Ten on Tuesday" list I received almost 50 orders in three days... then things slowed down for two days and I settled in to sew, sew, sew and get caught up. Until yesterday (June 7) when 'MandeeFranee' apparently turned into an airborne virus or something!! It was popping up all over the place. A couple people mentioned seeing my link on ilovephotography.com and twopeasinabucket.com, and when I did a search on Facebook I found it shared on numerous photographer's fan pages (all of whom I plan to thank here very soon)... there were even a couple tweets! In 24 hours I received over 120 orders through my Etsy shop! In fact, I've been SUPER busy sewing those orders and only wanted to take a quick second to update here letting everyone know I'm not abandoning my blog, but I may not be around much for the next few weeks. I am planning to periodically check in on FB since I can type up a quick status update while I eat a bowl of oatmeal... but I don't expect to have much time for typing up long drawn out posts.

I am overwhelmed by all of the kind words and I absolutely LOVE seeing the excitement over my Lens Pets and sock monsters. But BOY! I did NOT expect things to take off quite this quickly!! From 3 sales... to almost 200, IN SIX DAYS!!! I'm thinking that probably doesn't happen often. So I'm flattered and thrilled... and working my fingers to the bone to get all of these orders out ASAP!!

THANK YOU! To everyone that shared my store link and to everyone that ordered!

and because a post just isn't the same without a photo, I leave you with my most recent sock monster... the smaller part of a matching set made for a little girl and her doll. :)

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  1. OMG that is amazing! I am so happy for you :) It's great to see that others love your creations as much as we do *grin*